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Domestic hardware enterprises pay more attention to modern technology

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China's hardware industry has been developing rapidly since the 1990s and has become an important country in the world. According to statistics, as of 2010, China's total sales of hardware products reached 1 trillion yuan, and the industry market reached 800 billion yuan. With the wide application of hardware products in industry, agriculture and other fields, this data is being constantly refreshed.

There is no doubt that our country has become a great nation of hardware products, but what is undeniable is that China's hardware industry in product research and development, innovation, brand management, marketing management, enterprise scale, financial strength, and many other aspects are metal products enterprise there exists a large gap with the world. Happily, the wave in the global economy, under the impact of domestic metal products enterprise attaches great importance to the degree of the modern technology growing hardware entity industry and the convergence speed of the Internet technology to speed up further.

The development model of the integration of offline physical industry and mobile Internet in hardware enterprises has been recognized by Chen sufang, an industry expert. Corona Chen thinks, relying on mobile Internet platform advantages, metal products enterprise greatly broaden the sales channels, but also help authoritative brand building hardware products enterprises, improve enterprise competitiveness and expand business scale in the future.

It is predicted that by 2020, China's industrial added value accounted for the proportion of the global industrial added value to increase from 5.72% in 2000 to more than 10%, which means that our country must have a batch of powerful hardware manufacturing group for support, therefore, metal products industry, the future prospect, but the hardware industry and the integration of the mobile Internet industry entity will also is the inevitable trend of the industry development.

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